How to get the Fargrave Soullattice Face and Body Marks in Elder Scrolls Online

Unique ink for your character.

Image via Bethesda

There are many fun costumes, skins, and outfits in Elder Scrolls Online and the Deadlands DLC introduces even more. One of the latest additions to the game is the Fargrave Soullattice Face and Body Marks paint set. Both are aesthetic items that add colorful tattoos to your character’s face and body. Here is how you can unlock the body paint to add a unique look to your character.

How to get the Fargrave Soullattice Face and Body Marks

Getting the body paint is rather simple, if not a bit time-consuming. As long as you follow the main storyline of the Deadlands DLC, you’ll be good to go. You’ll work with a mysterious woman named the Anchorite and the Dremora Lyranth as you try to stop the Order of the Waking Flame cult and Mehrunes Dagon. You’ll need to finish the following quests to earn the paint.

  • The Celestial Palanquin: You’ll work with the Anchorite in Fargrave to find out more about the Waking Flame.
  • Destruction Incarnate: Your journey will take you to a bathhouse where you’ll uncover a decoded cipher and meet a talkative Daedra named Arox.
  • The Durance Vile: The Waking Flame is capturing and torturing Dremora and you’re tasked with destroying another cataclyst.
  • Born of Grief: You’ll need to find the Waking Flame’s base at the top of Annihilarch’s Summit.
  • Deadlight: It’s all or nothing as you must invade another Oblivion realm where Sister Celdina rules.
  • Against All Hope: All your work leads to Ardent Hope, the headquarters of Valkynaz Nokvroz.

To complete Against All Hope, return to Lyranth in the House of Whims and she’ll reward you with the Fargrave Soullattice Face Mark and Fargrave Soullattice Body Mark. You can equip them by going to collections and appearance.