BG3 Voice Actors Are Blowing Fans Away With In-Character Video Responses

Several of the games actors have jumped in and add their voices to the humor-filled trend.

Image Via Larian Studios

One of the biggest highlights of Baldur’s Gate 3 has been the incredible companions you meet along the journey. Each is full of personality, unique quirks, and adds so much to the adventure, and naturally, fans have taken to making art and memes relating to their favorite companions.

It turns out the actors behind the companions have noticed, and have taken to social media to show their appreciation by reading off some of the most popular posts about their respective characters.

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VAs for Shadowheart, Karlech, and Astarion Have All Joined in on the Fun

Image via Larian Studios

Players have grown rather fond of their companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 and the actors who brought them to life and taken notice and decided to join in on the fun. Across social media, many of the talented actors have posted videos of themselves in character, reading some of the memes and posts from players, and they have gone down a treat.

First up, we have Shadowheart, voiced by Jennifer English, reading a meme many consider a perfect summation of the character. In the clip, she reads, “Yes I’m a gatekeep and a hater. I’m also God’s favorite princess and the most interesting girl in the world.” Elsewhere, we see Neil Newborn, AKA Astarion, adding his voice into the trend with his line regarding his odd way of being nice which involves less stabbing. However, a favorite has to be from Karlech actor Samantha Beart, who delivers a beautiful line about Build-A-Bear that many consider their favorite.

These aren’t the only actors to partake in this trend, as nearly every VA has joined in and posted a few memes and readings, showing their appreciation for the community and their sense of humor. Of course, we can’t forget about the game’s narrator, Amelia Tyler, who has shared several recordings with outtakes and bloopers that are equally fantastic.

If nothing else, these clips highlight the great community surrounding Baldur’s Gate 3, with both fans, the actors, and the studio all in on the joke and being able to enjoy it together. We imagine we will see many more moments like this as more players enjoy the game and continue discovering what it offers.