Black Panther Wakanda warriors visit Skyrim in new companion mod

Much like Wakanda, Skyrim will be here forever.

Image via MichaelMoje

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and mods go hand in hand, and the latest one is a Marvel crossover. It’s not the first time we’ve seen that sort of thing, but that doesn’t make the warriors of Wakanda any less cool.

MichaelMoje’s Wakanda Ladies mod is available on NexusMods, and it adds a trio of characters from the Black Panther movie. Specifically, it adds Dora Milaje general Okoye, her subordinate Ayo, and Nakia, a member of the War Dogs and T’Challa’s love interest. Recruit them in Whiterun, and they’ll fight by your side across Skyrim. They come wielding Steel Daggers and Companion’s Armor, but you can of course swap those out as you see fit. Each warrior woman has a skill set of “Critical Shot 60, Conditioning, Barbarian 40, [and] Agile Defender 20” according to modder MichaelMoje’s description.

As stated, the mod scene for Skyrim goes well beyond this Wakanda trio. A recent peeking mod made stealth builds even better at sneaking into houses, and there are a whole lot of Skyrim sex mods out there for folks looking to make Skyrim a bit more scandalous.

This is far from the first Marvel crossover we’ve seen in recent video games too. Fortnite added a Dr. Strange skin for Chapter 3 Season 2, just ahead of his Multiverse of Madness movie premiere. Before him came Moon Knight, in a crossover with the current Disney+ series of the same name.