Blizzard sends new World of Warcraft players into ridiculously scaled dungeons, promises fix

Those poor innocent newbs.

World of Warcraft is no stranger to scaling issues in older content when new expansions launch. It has been a reoccurring event in almost every release that involves rescaling, and Dragonflight has been no exception. Dungeons from the Battle for Azeroth expansion have been a torture chamber recently, because the scaling of mob health and damage is way above any other leveling content in the game. The issue is even more dire, as Battle for Azeroth is the expansion that new players are required to start their journey in, making the dungeons chaotic and stressful for everyone involved — at least until a fix is done.

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Blizzard has taken to the World of Warcraft official forums to admit that the scaling in Battle for Azeroth dungeons is well beyond the intended difficulty. It has taken quite a while for them to acknowledge this, but thanks to the diligence of stressed-out players, the issue is finally being addressed.

The developers have promised a fix for the bug with the upcoming maintenance on Tuesday, February 7. When it is deployed, the difficulty of the affected dungeons should become very similar to that of other Chromie Time leveling dungeons. Blizzard has thanked players for bringing the matter to their attention.

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Learning a new MMO can be extremely scary and full of anxiety. Having said MMO launching players into chaos does not lend itself well to player retention. It also causes veteran players pain as they have to help the new players get through it, or die over and over again. Leveling dungeons for new players should teach mechanics at a slow pace and also not overwhelm them, and unintended scaling does the game no favors. Hopefully, new players don’t stumble upon the Trading Post bugs as well.

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