Blizzard’s Mike Ybarra makes the slightest tease in response to a “Save StarCraft” tweet

Could a new Starcraft game be on the horizon?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As revelations continue to pour out in the wake of the Microsoft-Activision acquisition deal, many fans are finding themselves caught in a deluge of promises and teases ranging from old properties that might see a resurgence to the fate of the Call of Duty franchise. One much-loved series that hasn’t been the subject of an interview or press release lately, though, is the sci-fi strategy game Starcraft, prompting fans to wonder what could be in store for it.

One such fan was Shang-Chi star and avid gamer Simu Liu, who posted a gif from the game on Twitter along with the message “PLEASE SAVE STARCRAFT.” The tweet got significant traction, as messages from celebrities are wont to do, and even drew the attention of Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra. He didn’t have much to say on the subject, though, replying simply with a smiley face.

It may not be much to go on, but Ybarra’s response certainly raised a few eyebrows. After all, why reply at all if there wasn’t something going on behind the scenes? The Microsoft-ABK deal has thrown open the doors to all sorts of possibilities going forward and with Starcraft one of the most recognizable properties to fall into the stewardship of Microsoft it’s certainly possible that we could see the games coming to Xbox Game Pass at some point, or even a brand new game.