Bloodborne will soon be playable in first person perspective thanks to a community mod

It’s like regular Bloodborne, but worse.

Bloodborne first person perspective mod

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you were ever playing Bloodborne and wondering what it actually looks like when a three-ton mutant horse chimera kicks you in the face, we have some great news. Bloodborne community modder and content creator GardenOfEyes has anticipated your needs and is hard at work on a first-person perspective mod for the game. The announcement came through GardenOfEyes’ official YouTube channel, and you can see the trailer for the mod below. Clearly, there is a huge demand for exactly this type of experience in the Bloodborne community, because the video has generated 30,000 views in under a day and is overwhelmingly upvoted.

The mod, which should be available for download “very soon,” is based on a similar community mod for Dark Souls 3, which switches out the game’s default third-person view to put the player directly in the shoes of their custom-made Hunter avatar. This perspective would in theory be more immersive than the original, except for the fact that you’d have to look at your own disembodied hands hovering in front of you at all times.

The first-person perspective comes with another big drawback, as its field of view is limited to a fraction of what Bloodborne players can normally see. Enemies behind or directly to the side of the player are out of view, which makes combat difficult since Bloodborne is designed around anticipating and reacting to visual cues from enemies. When the Bloodborne first-person mod comes out, this new element of difficulty will doubtless be celebrated by the many players in the game’s community who are always looking for a greater challenge.