Bloodborne Beginners Tips – 11 Best Beginners Tips On Combat And Insight


PlayStation Plus Free Games lineup for March 2018 includes From Software’s Bloodborne. It was released way back in March 2015, and by the end of 2015 – the game had sold over 2 million units. leveling, most of the praises went to the gameplay, audio design, plot, and difficulty. If you are a newcomer to the Bloodborne i.e. didn’t play the game back in March 2015 and are not going to miss the chance of trying out the game free of the cost under Instant Game Collection then here are 11 best tips that you need to know before starting your journey in the world of Bloodborne. These tips were shared by Reddit user Seires, and they are divided into two categories – Combat and Insight.

Bloodborne - 11 Best Tips For Beginners On Combat And Insight

In our Bloodborne Review – we termed the game as the first true Killer App for PlayStation 4. You can read the concluding part of the review: “With that said, anyway, Bloodborne remains the first true killer application for PlayStation 4. A game to be played, an experience to be lived. Who feared the Souls series has still good reasons not to approach it but we can’t deny From Software’s effort to bring more modern gameplay to non-hardcore gamers and make it the base for an exclusive of great value.”

So there’s enough reason for you to join Bloodborne journey in case you missed it back in March 2015. Here is a list of 11 Best Beginners Tips For Bloodborne:

Bloodborne Beginners Tips Combat

  • Your gun is for parrying and is very useful.
  • You gain back health in the ‘depleted red’ state when you attack. This encourages aggressive assaults, after taking a hit.
  • You can dodge bullets.
  • There is a shield, it is in the game as a joke. Don’t.
  • Of the 3 starter weapons, the Threaded Cane is the most challenging to master. IMO, best left for future playthroughs. UPDATE: Don’t ignore the Threaded CANE altogether, but be warned it is a challenging weapon to master – and combined with having to learn the enemies attack patterns as well it may cost you some deaths.
  • Fashion Souls, the armor in this game does not matter much. Wear what you like.

Bloodborne Beginners Tips – Insight

  • Insight is important, albeit not critical, resource
  • Insight is primarily gained from: First Encountering a Boss, Killing a Boss, Using a Madman’s Knowledge, First Entering some regions
  • Insight is primarily spent on: Summoning other players to your game and items from the Insight vendor (messengers in the basin on the ledge, inside the Hunters Dream)
  • 1 Insight is required before you can spend blood echoes to level up, but after having ‘enabled’ leveling up you don’t need this 1 Insight to level up again
  • Insight is capped at 99

For more interesting Bloodborne tips go through the comment section of this Reddit thread.