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Minecrafter’s Yharnam gives Bloodborne PSX a run for its money

Bloodborne on PC at last.

Bloodborne, in typical FromSoft fashion, is a game about overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds through grit and determination. Over the years, players have found numerous extra ways of challenging themselves within the game, and every so often this bleeds over into other media too. First, it was Bloodborne PSX, a PS1-style demake of the opening sections of the game, and now Minecraft users are getting in on the fun as well.

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YouTuber Potomy has been spending the last several months recreating Yharnam City in Minecraft, to a staggering degree of detail. The most recent update, posted to Reddit this week, showed off the city in all its glory, towering parapets and ominous bridges stretching out under a menacing yellow-orange sky. It’s a truly impressive piece of work, using a custom resource pack to channel as much of Bloodborne’s atmosphere of gothic oppressiveness as possible.

Potomy is intending to put the map files on the Minecraft Bedrock marketplace, and is working on a remake of the game for Minecraft’s Java version. Whether that means a recreation of the entire world or an actually playable game is unclear at present, though the latter would certainly prove a challenge, even for such a supremely moddable game as Minecraft. Even just recreating Bloodborne’s world in Minecraft will be a time-consuming effort, considering the months it’s taken Potomy to piece together Yharnam. With a bit of luck and a lot of patience, though, it’ll no doubt come together eventually.

In the meantime, players hungry for a slightly lower-res experience of Bloodborne can always check out Bloodborne PSX, a faithful remake-in-progress with PlayStation-era graphics and sensibilities, or if you’re up for something a little more light-hearted, there’s also Bloodborne Kart in development. Other than that, though, there’s precious little evidence that an actual FromSoft-endorsed Bloodborne port or remaster is on the way, so you’ll need to get a little creative if you want to prowl the streets of Yharnam on your PC.

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