Branding changes hint at the possible reveal of Sony’s Game Pass competitor coming in February

Is Spartacus finally upon us?

Image via Sony

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At this point, PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass has been covered by almost every gaming site since it was relieved back in December. Codenamed “Spartacus,” the service is rumored to offer a tiered service to subscribers, including some form of backward compatibility as well as a revamped version of PS Now.

Yet, this most recent development has people theorizing that Spartacus could be revealed in February. This theory spawns from the Tweet shown below, which highlights the difference in branding between February’s PlayStation Plus games and January’s. As you can see, the phrase “For Playstation Plus Members” has been replaced by “Available this month at no extra cost.”

Admittedly, on its own, this would be an extreme stretch to say a slight change of phrasing has something to do with an announcement. Yet, when bundled with the removal of PS Now cards worldwide, PS3 games appearing on PS5, and Xbox’s Phil Spencer talking about the inevitability of Sony creating a version of Game Pass, it seems like a safe bet.

However, we’re still waiting on an official announcement from Sony to acknowledge the service’s existence and reveal specific details about it. Who knows, maybe Xbox’s acquisition of Activision has changed the playing field, and Sony will include their first-party games. We can all dream, right?