Bungie Reportedly the Cause of The Last Of Us Multiplayer Game’s Recent Delay & Reassessment

According to Bloomberg, Bungie’s questioning of the longevity of Naughty Dog’s upcoming multiplayer game is the reason for its recent delay.


Image via Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog recently announced that its upcoming multiplayer game set in the The Last Of Us universe has been delayed. A report from Bloomberg suggests that this is the result of an assessment of the game by Destiny 2 developer Bungie, now owned by Sony alongside Naughty Dog.

The Last Of Us fans were hit with the devastating news that the new multiplayer entry for the franchise has been delayed even before an official release date was announced. Bloomberg claims the announcement was triggered by a request for comment for its article, which goes deeper into the alleged reasons for the game’s delay.

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The Last Of Us Multiplayer Game Suffers Setbacks as Developers are Moved to Other Projects

On May 26, Naughty Dog put out a statement on social media explaining that its upcoming The Last Of Us multiplayer game has been delayed. It explains that the company is still working on the title, as well as other games, including a new single-player experience, and also thanks fans for their patience.

Shortly after this statement was released, Bloomberg published an article diving into the details about why the project has been delayed. The report explains that the game was recently assessed alongside many other upcoming titles within Sony’s umbrella. It suggests that Bungie, a developer that Sony has only recently acquired, found that Naughty Dog’s project was lacking in some areas and, “raised questions about the The Last of Us multiplayer project’s ability to keep players engaged for a long period of time, which led to the reassessment”. Jason Schreier, the author of Bloomberg’s post, posted on Twitter how Naughty Dog’s statement was prompted by Bloomberg’s request for a statement on this matter.

While an announcement like this would usually spark controversy among a fan base, or disappointment at the very least, The Last Of Us fans have been incredibly accepting of Naughty Dog’s decision. The fans have been treated to amazing blockbuster hit after hit, and waiting a little longer for the developer they trust can create an experience worthy of their expectations is something they’re happy to do.

Given the reception to Redfall and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, both of which launched with long lists of bugs that still plague them now, hearing that a game is being delayed to avoid the same fate is a breath of fresh air for most people.