Check out the painstakingly detailed shoes on Mario in latest poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

These are uncharacteristically detailed.

Image via Nintendo

We’re only a few months away from seeing The Super Mario Bros. Movie, starring Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser. Nintendo is ramping up the excitement for this movie by sharing multiple posters highlighting many of the characters and scenes expected to take place during the plot. For example, the latest poster shows Mario performing his iconic jump from the Mario games, and it also highlights his shoes, which are incredibly detailed.

The official The Super Mario Bros. Movie Twitter shared the poster with Mario as the centerpiece. We get a detailed look at the underside of Mario’s boot, and we can see how much detail and care the animators went to show off his treads.

For some, the perfect treads on Mario’s boot might hint that he hasn’t done too much hard work in them. He might be saving his best work for the upcoming platform adventure he’s about to embark on or in his lead-up to fighting against Donkey Kong.

Mario’s perfectly rendered boots are not the only odd thing that some fans have pointed out is happening in this poster. An interesting detail is the metal pirana plants in the background. The tweet shared by The Super Mario Bros. Movie team hints that Mario’s training is complete, which might mean he has to go through an obstacle course that uses metal pirana plants. Real ones could make an appearance later on after Mario finds out how everything works, or the metal ones might be the only version that appears in this movie.

The final curious detail is Peach’s Castle in the background. It appears on top of a mountain, but it has been shown to be surrounded by water in previous games, such as in Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 64. The direction for Peach’s Castle appears to be a bit more dramatic in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

These interesting details are highlighted in this latest poster in the lead-up to this bizarre movie. It’s a good reminder from the Nintendo team that it’s still happening, and fans can see The Super Mario Bros. Movie when it releases in theaters this April.