Bowser looms large in the official Super Mario Bros. Movie poster

A rainbow road of colors.

Image via Illumination

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is only a few short months away, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release date. The title is being made by Illumination, the studio known for the Minion movies, and looks to be taking the source material very seriously, at least in terms of looks and references. Some of the casting choices have been a little controversial, but all-in-all fans are excited to see what comes of it. Now, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is giving a weekend treat with the official movie poster for the film, showcasing Bowser looming large over the many hero appearances.

This poster is a sight to behold. The colors are well-defined and the image screams of inspiration from old Star Wars posters. Each section has a clear depiction of the different realms that Mario and his friends will be visiting, and all the major characters are present.

Bowser takes up much of the poster. Voiced by Jack Black, early trailers gave fans plenty of laughs as he launched an assault on the loveable Mario 64 penguin realm. What Bowser is planning is still a mystery, but it is probably not good.

Interestingly, Magikoopa is also present in the poster. This character made its debut in Super Mario World, and this is one of the first times he has been featured in an official Super Mario. Bros movie image. His role is still very obscure, and he isn’t the only featured Koopa as there is also a Para Koopatroopa in the poster.

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Of course, the poster would mean nothing without the likes of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. Even Donkey Kong, voiced by Seth Rogen, gets to show off his biceps and smile. Fans are still debating whether Chris Pratt can bring the charm for Mario, but all the media so far makes it look like a hilarious adventure is ahead of us.