Cities Skylines spinoff Cities VR gets April release date at Meta Quest showcase

Look upon my works.

Image via Fast Travel Games

Cities Skylines launched seven years ago, letting would-be city planners design their dream towns across a series of great maps. The virtual reality crowd will be able to get in on the action later this month with Cities VR.

The spinoff was previously announced, but its release date was just made known during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase (and echoed on Twitter). Cities VR will be headed to the headset on Thursday, April 28. The original 2015 sim game let you be the mayor of your city and design every aspect of it, from building placement to street layout to socioeconomic policy. Cities VR gives you the same experience but with a more immersive camera β€” you can get a bird’s eye view or check out your city from street level while in the headset. Of course, all of that planning and placing is done with motion controls, which developer Fast Travel Games calls “an easy-to-use control system” on the game’s store page.

Cities VR’s launch date is one of many announcements from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. We got a look at Among Us VR, and the new trailer shows us what doing tasks and sabotaging the crew actually looks like in first-person. Moss: Book 2 and NFL Pro Era also got time in the spotlight with trailers of their own.