Moss: Book 2 gets a new Oculus Quest 2 Trailer

No longer just for PS VR users.

Image via Polyarc

Moss: Book 2 launched last month, a bit of a surprise follow-up to 2018’s hit VR game. It was generally pretty well-received, offering a pleasing continuation to the story of heroic mouse Quill in a lovely fantasy world accompanied by delightful voice acting. Unfortunately for many VR fans, though, the game was only released on PS VR, so any non-Sony aficionados were out of luck if they wanted to play it.

In today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, though, the prayers of those players were answered, with a brand new trailer showing the game running on the Quest 2, with a promised release window of Summer 2022. So anyone wanting to get stuck into the second chapter of Quill’s quest on PC won’t have long to wait before they can do so. Whether this will have any effect on the availability of a physical release of the game is uncertain, but it’s likely that the team will stick with a digital release for now.

Luckily for those players, any tricky bits of the game will already have guides covering them by the time the port releases. So if you decide to pick up Moss: Book 2 on the Quest and find yourself scratching your head trying to find all the hidden scrolls in a particular level, fret not.