Comedy movie Cocaine Bear gets an 8-bit tie-in game that lets you eat people

It’s like Pac-Man, but with a bear.

Image via Universal Studios

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Universal Pictures is going full throttle with its advertisement for Cocaine Bear, the mid-budget horror-comedy film starring a black bear who ate an unprecedented amount of cocaine and has become an unstoppable force of nature. The marketing is fully aware of how outlandish the premise is, evident by the newly released 8-bit video game based on the movie. The Cocaine Bear video game is violent and silly, perfectly matching what audiences expect the film to be once it hits theaters on February 24.

People can play the Cocaine Bear game on the official website, and it is available on both mobile and desktop. The game is similar to Pac-Man but is a lot more bloody. Players take control of the titular Cocaine Bear, who wanders in a maze-like structure to find more victims for it to eat. Just like how Pac-Man has pellets for him to gobble up, there are powders of cocaine for the bear to consume. There’s a bar above that shows how much cocaine fuel the bear has, and when that bar becomes empty, players lose the game.

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Humans are running around in the maze, with everyone based on the characters from the upcoming movie. Players use the four arrow keys to move around the maze, with the main goal being to find and maul every human in the level. The final human to get mauled will have a special animation that shows the bear grabbing the person and taking a big bite out of them. Scattered around are duffle bags at the corners of each maze. When the bear runs over them, they will receive a boost in speed, making it easier to catch up to humans.

Eating humans, collecting cocaine, and catching random ambulances in the mazes will earn players points. Like old arcade games, players play Cocaine Bear for as long as they can. How many points you collectively earn by the end will determine your final score. Cocaine Bear the film is based on a real story where drug dealers drop a load of cocaine onto a forest, and a bear ends up eating it. The bear in real life quickly died, but the film adaptation posits a world where the bear becomes an industrial killing machine instead.