Crazed Pokemon Fan Fuses Every Gen 1 Pokemon Into A Single Horrifying Creature

Gotta morph ’em all!

Image via The Pokemon Company

The mischievous Pokemon community has struck again with their hilarious antics, taking things to a whole new level this time around. One user is progressively merging every single first-generation Pokemon into one unimaginable creature. The results? Let’s just say they’re as disastrous as a Magikarp attempting to use Hyper Beam.

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It all started when a crafty Redditor named TB_Mumpitz got their hands on 3D modeling software and embarked on this audacious experiment. Every day, they’ve thrown one more first-gen Pokemon into the mix, creating a Frankenstein-esque amalgamation of our beloved pocket monsters. To document their creation, they’ve recorded a 360-degree view of each monstrosity and shared it in a dedicated thread on the /pokemon subreddit.

Mad Scientist or Creative Genius? Pokemon Fan Merges Gen 1 Pokemon into Terrifying Hybrid

You may be wondering how they determine which Pokemon gets added to the abomination next. Well, it’s all about community engagement. The fate of these unholy creations lies in the hands of the Pokemon-loving Redditors. In the thread, users can leave comments suggesting which Pokemon they want to be included in the ever-growing creature. The Pokemon with the most upvotes secures its spot and becomes the next addition to the abomination.

As you can imagine, the results have been absolutely uproarious. The creation is currently a mix of Snorlax, Electrode, Arcanine, Onix, and 7 other first-gen Pokemon. It’s an incredible sight that both bewilders and amuses franchise fans. The Pokemon community has truly outdone itself this time with its creative ingenuity and ability to come together in the spirit of lighthearted fun.

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While these bizarre creations may never see the light of day in an official Pokemon game, they serve as a testament to the enduring enthusiasm and inventiveness of the Pokemon community. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this escapade, it’s that Pokemon fans are not afraid to push the boundaries of hilarity and keep the spirit of fun alive in their own unique way. Let’s just hope they don’t start a contest to name this monstrosity.