The 10 best Fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Our take on the best Fairy types.

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Pokémon certainly has a lot of different types that players can employ in their battles, as well as collect, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are no different. The Fairy type is one of the more interesting types, as they rely heavily on being able to utilize their Sp. Atk to hit hard, while in general having limited ability to block physical damage, or deal high amounts of damage through Atk. Below, we’ll be looking at exactly which Fairy-Type Pokémon are the best in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, starting with the lower tier and ending with the very best, though they’re pretty much tied from number four onward. 

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10. Hatterene

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While not a new Pokémon to the franchise, Hatterene is one of the more powerful Fairy types out of those available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This tall Pokémon boasts a very decent Sp. Atk of 136 as a base stat as well as decent Sp. Def. It seriously lags behind in Speed though, with a measly 29 as a base stat.

9. Mimikyu

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Mimikyu is an older Pokémon, but it’s still very useful. It has a decent Speed at 96, and as it’s a dual Ghost and Fairy-Type it has quite a few immunities as well. It also has a decent Sp. Def with 105 meaning it can take some hits. However, its ability Disguise grants it protection for one damaging move, meaning you can stall quite nicely, and use moves like Swords Dance to up your Attack. 

8. Grimmsnarl

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Grimsnarl is one of the odder pairings, being both Dark and Fairy-Type. This means it has more to offer and more to lose. It has a pretty decent pairing of HP and shockingly a 120 in Atk., which is the highest of all the Fairy types in this list. It’s pretty slow and weak on its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def front though. Grimsnarl also has Spirit Break, a powerful Fairy-Type move shared only by one other Pokémon.

7. Sylveon

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The Fairy-Type evolution of Evee, Sylveon was bound to end up on this list. Solid all around, Sylveon does well in general, especially in the Sp. Def class with a base of 130, but it’s lacking when it comes to Speed.

6. Gardevoir

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Gardevoir, in general, is a very solid choice. As a dual Psychic Fairy-Type, it is designed to hit hard. It boasts a solid 125 Sp. Atk and a 115 Sp. Def meaning it hits hard and takes other Sp. Atk moves like a champ. It’s also not too slow, but it lacks heavily on the HP front and the Defensive side too.

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5. Florges

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This Fairy-Type offers a great pairing for battles. It also has an insanely high Sp. Def stat, coming in at 154, which is the highest Sp. Def stat in this list. It lacks a little though when it comes to HP. It’s a great option for Raids with its Ability Flower Veil and its Hidden Ability Symbiosis.

4. Iron Valiant 

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A Violet exclusive, Iron Valiant is viciously powerful, with a 130 base Attack, which is perfect for its Fighting Fairy-Typing. Its Ability Protosynthesis is also excellent, if you give it a Booster Energy to hold, increasing the highest stat by 30% if it’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, or by 50% to Sp. Defense if its Speed is the highest stat. By base stats, it does have a low Sp. Def, only coming in at 60. It also has an amazing signature move, Spirit Break.

3. Scream Tail

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Another Scarlet exclusive, Scream Tail is incredibly solid. It is the tankiest of all the Pokémon on this list, with 115 as a base HP stat, and its Speed is also really high, clocking in at 111 as a base stat. It lacks a lot in its Sp. Atk, which only comes in at 65, but it has a really solid Sp. Def at 115, meaning this Pokémon can stall for your team quite nicely.

2. Tinkaton

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A new addition to the Pokémon world, Tinkaton is an amazing Pokémon with Steel and Fairy-Typing. It boasts a huge Sp. Def pool, with 105 as a base stat letting it take a ton of hits. It’s also fast, with a 94 as a Speed base, and offers a decent amount of normal Defense. It also has very decent Abilities, with Mold Breaker, Own Tempo, and the Hidden Ability Pickpocket. It and Flutter Mane are both worthy of the number-one spot.

1. Flutter Mane

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A Pokémon Scarlet exclusive, Flutter Mane is blisteringly fast, with 135 in Speed. It’s also incredibly powerful with 135 in both Sp. Atk and Sp. Def, but it’s pretty much a glass cannon as it has a terrible HP base stat, coming in at 55. Its Ability Protosynthesis is also excellent, if you give it a Booster Energy to hold, increasing the highest stat by 30% if it’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, or by 50% to Sp. Defense if its Speed is the highest stat. It and Tinkaton are both top-tier contenders.