Crusader Kings 3’s upcoming DLC will be chosen by fans

Crusader Kings 3 fans will have to choose between love, hate, and being a warden.

Image via Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has revealed that one of the future expansions for Crusader Kings 3 will be chosen by fans, as they can vote for one of three event packs. Like many Paradox Interactive games, Crusader Kings 3 has a regular release schedule for its DLC, with more expensive packs adding more content to the game, though none of it is essential to enjoy the base game. That said, fans will soon get a chance to have a say in what’s coming next to the grand strategy RPG.

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The official Crusader Kings 3 Twitter page has announced that the next event pack will be voted for by the fans. The three choices on offer are Wards & Wardens, Love & Lust, and Villains & Vagabonds. This event pack will be released after Crusader Kings 3’s next expansion and it’s expected to launch later in 2023. Fans can vote for their preferred choice now, on the official Paradox Forums. The vote will officially close on January 27, 1 AM CT.

The Wards & Wardens event pack will focus on guardianship and taking wards. It was common in the Middle Ages for noble families to send their children to be wards of other houses, where they would learn statecraft, while also acting as gestures of goodwill between factions, as it made them less likely to go to war with each other. The Love & Lust event pack will expand on the romantic lives of the characters in Crusader Kings 3, as matters of the heart can dictate the decisions of a ruler. The Villains & Vagabonds event pack is all about players who want to be a tyrant and the opposition they will face from those they rule.

As of the time of writing, the Wards & Wardens event pack is in the lead, with 41.3% of the vote, but it’s very early days yet. Love & Lust has a strong chance of being the winner, considering that denizens of the Internet will always vote on anything erotic when given the option. There are still ten days left for fans to rally around their favorite option and decide what aspect of Crusader Kings 3 will be put under the spotlight in the future.