Days Gone Features 6 Hours Of Cutscenes

Days Gone is about to release exclusively for PS4, and as we approach the April 26th launch date we’re getting more and more information.

Based on intel gathered by GameReactor, we learn today how many hours we’ll spent watching cut-scenes.

Bend Studio’s action adventure will feature around 6 hours of cinematics, which means 20% of the overall game.

Indeed, the title will be split into 80% gameplay and 20% cut-scene, and that seems to be a very good balance potentially satisfying a plethora of gamers both willing to learn more about the story and always keep playing.

Developers had already revealed that “the golden path is going to take you about 30 hours,” even though that’s something depending on your playstyle.

“But it’s going to take you a lot longer than that because things are going to happen to you along the way depending on how careful you are and how much you pay attention,” the studio added.

Days Gone is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 26.