Days Gone’s Bend Studio Is Working On A New IP

 Days Gone’s Bend Studio Is Working On A New IP

A bit of time ago, we reported about Bend Studio hiring for a new AAA game project, and back then it wasn’t very clear whether it was a brand new intellectual property or a sequel/reboot of other titles from the past.

Anyway, another job listing for a senior concept artist has made it clear that the game in question is a brand new triple-A IP, in the likes of Days Gone. It is not going to be a sequel to Days Gone nor a reboot of other intellectual properties such as Syphon Filter.


“Responsible for creating concept art that dictates the lighting and color palette throughout the game. This is integral to the entire game and includes creating color keys for the environments, characters, and cinematics that match the emotional intention of the game design and story beats,” the ad says.

It is also worth to note that Bend Studio has worked in the past on Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PlayStation Vita and that, considering Naughty Dog is leaving the franchise, it could’ve been a great replacement to carry it over.

By the way, it looks like it’ll take a bit more time, at least, to see all those projects to come out of Bend Studio, as Sony really wants it to build new intellectual properties.

At this stage, it’s rather evident we’ll see the fruits of this work during the next generation of consoles, as it seems still in a very embryonal phase where the developer is doing all the things necessary to find an artistic direction.

What would you like it to be after the post-apocalyptic, zombie- pardon, freakers based Days Gone?