Days Gone, Bend Studio Says “Nobody Really Believed Us”

Days Gone spent six long years in the development process, and Bend Studio has took some time to discuss how that worked in an interview with GameSpot.

According to the developer, “nobody really believed us” when it pitched the idea for all the systems in place to Sony.

“We kinda told Sony that ‘Alright, we are going to make this huge open world game, with all these systems’,” said creative director John Garvin.

“And nobody really believed us, they trusted us, but they didn’t believe it. To see that stuff come together, ultimately, when you get to the final credits of the game, the feels are there.

Everything you’ve said it came together and the game stung, and it’s everything we set out to make and more.”

We’ve already reported about how Bend Studio thinks that story is a great focus of the game, to the point it built a custom mechanic called Storylines to always keep track of it.

Days Gone is releasing on April 26, 2019 for PS4.