Days Gone E3 2018 Demo Preview: “It’s A Messy Game”, Screenshots Released

Sony first-party titles have established as the top quality games we’ll be playing throughout the generation, and if you think at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War you know what we mean.

The upcoming titles from the Japanese publisher include the likes of Detroit: Become Human, which will launch in a matter of days, Insomniac’s Spider-Man and, of course, early 2019 post-apocalyptic, zombie and motorcycled-filled Days Gone.

Days Gone E3 2018 Demo Preview And Screenshots

Bend Studio has showcased the game for the first time two years ago at the annual PlayStation media briefing at E3, and since then we’ve learnt more and more about what looks and feels like a title which has increasingly got better.

Before E3 2018, several outlets around the world have had a chance to play it, and specifically play a chunk of the demo that the press and most probably the gamers will be able to give a look and test when the Los Angeles event kicks off in June.

One of the most interesting pieces of opinion about it comes from Eurogamer, which was pretty disappointed about the way the game looked and felt now, to the surprise of the many who gave for granted it was going to be another PS4 masterpiece.

“It’s a messy game, this, which fits the theme, but isn’t always a good thing. In my brief go I struggled to get the camera, aiming and Deacon’s movement, all of which succumb to laggy drift, to line up,” the preview says, somehow confirming what we’ve seen throughout the Game Informer coverage.

In that case, Bend Studio was quite clear about the fact that what the magazine played, and showed its audience, was coming from an alpha build and that all the rough edges would be fixed by the time they launch in early 2019.

“Choppy performance didn’t help. Faced with the zerg-rush zombies, I found it easier to wade into the fray with melee weapons, although the baseball bats and table legs I could find had extremely low durability, and it all got a bit slapstick.”

Further reading into the preview, Eurogamer also mentions that the protagonist and dialogue aren’t going to be something top notch when it comes to quality and charisma, and the same goes with the pretty standard mission design.

By the way, we hope things get better and better as the game looks promising. It was slated for late 2018 but was recently delayed until early 2019, which means the team knows it needs more time to polish it and deliver something that could be on par with the rest of the PS4 lineup.

Days Gone E3 2018 Demo Screenshots

e3-2018-demo-screenshot-1 e3-2018-demo-screenshot-2 e3-2018-demo-screenshot-3 e3-2018-demo-screenshot-4 e3-2018-demo-screenshot-5 e3-2018-demo-screenshot-6 e3-2018-demo-screenshot-7