Early Days Gone Reviews Praises The Game, But Does Mention Bugs and Long Load Times

We are not far out from Days Gone releasing. The game is due to drop on April 26, but there is already a review of the game doing the rounds. The embargo for reviews will officially be lifted on April 25, but German magazine M!Games have already published their review of the title.

Overall, the game earned a score of 83 out of 100, which is, on the face of it, a good score. It is hard to say exactly how good a score without being able to read the full review, or knowing a bit more about the gaming preferences of the reviewer. The biggest issues they raised about the game were some technical bugs and some extended load times.

It is important to note however, they were playing on version 1.02, and the new 1.03 update has already been pushed out to people with early access to the open world, zombie apocalypse game. They did also mention some frame rate issues and problems with mission design.

The game also apparently clocks in at about 30 hours long, which is a pretty substantial campaign. We will, of course, be playing Days Gone, and will have our own review ready for you as quickly as possible.

H/T Twisted Voxel