Days Gone Details From GameInformer: Story, Zombie Hoard, Upgradeable Bike

Days Gone is the cover game for the latest issue of the Game Informer magazine, and thanks to the exclusive coverage we can grab more details about the development, the story and the gameplay of the PS4 exclusive.

So, we learn that the game takes around 30 hours to complete the main story and that it’s been in the making since 2013 as it was the first idea that Bend Studio came up with after the end of the development process on Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Days Gone - All Details From GameInformer Latest Issue

We’re said that the enemies in the game are called Infected, not zombies and that hordes come in numbers between 300500 of them (with 300 being called “baby hordes” just to let you know they’re very small by the game’s opinion).

Interestingly, there’s a chance for you to make decisions which will let you choose whether to help another survivor, err, survive or leave them to die; survivors can also set traps to kill you and steal your stuff. This will have an impact on the multiple endings you can meet at the end of the game.

Days Gone – All Information From GameInformer’s Latest Issue

For all the details, let’s have a look at this quick list of features and news that ResetEra user nightstalker962 just posted.

  • Been in development for five years
  • First idea after making Uncharted Golden Abyss
  • More than 100 developers, team size has doubled since 2016
  • Picks up several years after a pandemic has ravaged the US.
  • People infected by the virus are simply called “infected” by NERO(National Emergency Response Organization)
  • NERO operated 12 checkpoints for quarantining and processing people, but now abandoned
  • Deacon has a mercenary friend named Boozer
  • The plot is about surviving, not finding a cure
  • Stealing Boozer’s stuff will make him upset, which will effect your relationship
  • Five encampments in the world which Deacon goes between has to forge relationships
  • Have to clear out locations to unlock fast travel
  • Weapons look worn down because of the rain
  • Larger towns to explore
  • Weapons lockers and safehouses which refill ammo
  • A deacon can scout camps with binoculars
  • Deacon is the enforcer of a biker club called the Mongrels
  • The bike is completely upgradeable with cosmetic upgrades such as paint jobs. Can increase fuel efficiency and durability, swap out tires based on weather
  • Can ambush camps
  • Shotguns, sniper rifles, Molotov cocktails, pistols, LMGs, grenades, napalm
  • Freakerear bounties, hunting animals, camps to clear
  • Flashback missions where you learn about Deacon’s past with Sarah
  • Ambush camps are bad, encampments are good
  • Ambush camps will attack you roadside(marauders)
  • Freakers are drawn to dark places such as tunnels and will make nests
  • The only way to clear freaker nests is via molotovs, gas cans, oil drums
  • Deacon has “survival vision” which highlights items of interest, can be upgraded to highlight enemies
  • Deacons stamina, health, time slowdown are upgradable
  • Radio towers that you can climb
  • No fetch quests or time trials, everything has context
  • Hordes are scattered throughout the world.
  • 300 zombie hoard is a “baby hoard”, E3 2016 demo had 500
  • Hordes need to eat, sleep, and drink. Travel in groups. NERO mass grave was where they were in the demo

The game sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? It’s releasing in early 2019 and it’s coming exclusively on PlayStation 4. We’ll probably learn more, and watch more gameplay when E3 2018 kicks off in June.