Days Gone Open World Map First Look

Thanks to coverage, we can have more details about Days Gone and particularly a first look at the map of its open world.

As you can see in the picture above, the open world is rather big from what we see right now and is apparently filled with story-driven content.

It’s worth noting that the environments themselves will be considerably sized also considering that your traversal will be powered by Deacon’s motorbike.

Animator Emmanuel Roth also provided some intel about the open world itself, which is described as “beautiful,” really varied, but very dangerous all the way down the road.

“We also decided to make the open world because we believe that open world has something to tell. The world is first beautiful, it’s a beautiful landscape, a lot of variation, very interesting, but at the same time it’s dangerous,” he told the website.

“So every element of the game is dangerous and we want the player to feel it.

We throw at you animals that will chase you when you’re on your bike, we will have the weather change when you’re riding your motorcycle, so suddenly you have to fight the driving. All [those] elements that we want players to experience.”

This doesn’t mean the game won’t be focusing rather heavily on the story, again, since there’s a mechanic called Storylines that will allow you to constantly keep track of your relationships with other characters.