Days Gone 1.05 Patch Updates The Game’s Framerate and Helps Correct Crashing Issues

For those playing Days Gone on the PlayStation 4, you may have experienced a handful of graphical issues, or have even had your game crash on you a few times. Fortunately, the developers, Bend Studios, took time to release 1.05 patch this weekend that should hopefully correct several of these problems.

The Days Gone day one patch and a handful of other small patches quickly released shortly after the game’s launch improved a handful of minor bugs players were reporting, but the overall quality of the game’s loading times had never improved. The 1.05 patch should help, though, and players should find they’re not getting sent back to their PlayStation menu as much.

You won’t spend too much downloading this patch, as it comes in as a 136MB download. Despite this size, you’re going to notice plenty of changes to the game and shouldn’t spend as much gameplay time staring at a loading screen.

Here are the full patch notes below, and what you can expect to change when you jump back into Days Gone.

Days Gone Patch Notes for 1.05

  • Added fixes for crashing issues with Days Gone version 1.05
  • Added stuttering and lag fixes
  • Days Gone 1.05 fixed framerate drop issues
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • Added fixes for glitches with Days Gone 1.05
  • Added minor bug fixes and changes

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