Days Gone Release Date Coming “Very Soon”, Says Bend Studio

 Days Gone Release Date Coming “Very Soon”, Says Bend Studio

Days Gone has recently entered the press loop, starting to show what it is capable of outside of the usual E3 coverage. There’s been some criticism, but overall it seems a game to look forward to.

This has led people to ask when we’ll precisely be playing it. The title, as you might know, has been recently delayed to early 2019 but is still lacking a definite release date.

Days Gone Release Date Announcement At E3 2018

Bend Studio has offered a comment about that, detailing that a release date will be coming “very soon.” A comment like this seems to be hinting at a further E3 2018 showcase with a trailer ending complete of a date, but we wouldn’t bet on that.

Indeed, Sony has been always pretty careful about talking of dates, as the recent cases of God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man clearly show.

Those games’ dates have been revealed only few months before the proper launch, so it wouldn’t make much sense to see Days Gone’s announced as early as this June.

Anyway, we’ll let you know as soon as more details pop up on the matter and of course we’ll be having our fingers crossed in the wait.