Days Gone Review Embargo Set At April 25

Crazy Willie's Infestation

Days Gone will be the biggest game releasing this month, and we finally have some information about when we’re going to get the first reviews.

As shared by insider Tidux, the embargo is set to expire on April 25, 2019.

That’s just one day ahead of the official release of the game, which you’d usually read like a wrong signal for its quality overall.

In the recent past, Sony has allowed the press to play and drop impressions very early in the process, way ahead of their launches.

Anyway, this time around, while members of the press already have the game in their hands, they won’t be free to share their opinions and reviews so soon.

Remember that Days Gone is a 30-hour long journey, only taking into account the critical path, so there’s also a chance that the publisher could be willing to give early players all the time to enjoy it.