New Days Gone Story Trailer

Sony revealed a new Days Gone story trailer earlier today. The video shows the main character, Deacon St. John, visiting an old church where he married the love of his life, Sarah, before the whole world went to hell. In the present, the church is destroyed and nearly burned down.

The video jumps between the past and the present, showing how much the main character has changed. Deacon only gets to enjoy his visit for a short time before he gets ambushed by a group of bikers while visiting the church.

The Days Gone story trailer did its job in providing more emotional insight into Deacon, but there were no additional insights to the gameplay. Bend Studio, the developers working on the game, added further details about the Deacon and Sarah’s relationship, which you can read here.

Bend Studio outlines how Deacon was a longtime member of the Mongrels MC but left that life behind to live it with Sarah and become a nomad. She taught him botany and how to live off the land. Now, two years later after the global pandemic killed the world, the Pacific Northwest has become a no man’s land full of Freakers, Marauders, and other people trying to survive.

The additional details only label Deacon as a bounty hunter on the broken road, which could mean players might interact with open contracts while exploring the game. No further details were brought up about these details, though.

You can pick up Days Gone exclusively on the PlayStation 4, and it releases on April 26.