Days Gone Video Details Freakers Horde: Various Sizes, Persistent

A new video from PlayStation Access sheds more light about Days Gone, and particularly about the way Freakers work.

As we learn from the video, we’ll meet three times Freakers hordes throughout the golden path in main missions.

Anyway, the world of the game has over 40 hordes, and we can meet them anywhere, anytime, without any need to wait for the title to give us some sort of input.

Of course, we’ll need to make sure we’re strong enough to face them before we do that. Otherwise, we’ll be brought down quickly.

Hordes can have various sizes and will be able to go from 50 to 500 Freakers, and interestingly they’ll be persistent.

This means that if we manage to reduce the number of freakers in them and then we’re required to leave to save our lives, once we return to them, enemies won’t respawn — the number of freakers will remain reduced as we left it.

It’s rather exciting and suggests some tactical approach to them, just in case we’re not strong enough to bring them down at once.

Days Gone is scheduled to launch on April 26 for PS4.