Death Stranding 2 rumor arise thanks to Hideo Kojima teasers

New vehicle spotted, and more.

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Hideo Kojima has shared what could be a teaser for Death Stranding 2, a follow up to the PS4 exclusive coming to the PC next month. Kojima is known for including hints and easter eggs in his social posts, and this time around, he might have done precisely that.

He has been recently linked to a Silent Hills revival under Sony, as he wanted to work on a horror game of his own, but that track has seemingly vanished.

The Japanese game designer and director has shared a couple of tweets that have prompted the fans to believe that there could be a Death Stranding 2 in the works.

The first tweet has a photo of Kojima’s desk with a BB well displayed at its center-left.

While this could be seen just as a celebration of the incoming PC release, what’s weird is that the photo is part of the description of Kojima’s work from home process. That process also involves art director Yoji Shinkawa.

As such, fans have been wondering why he would still be working on designing things for a game that has already been created and is only ported over a new platform.

The second photo is more subtle but possibly even more revealing. It is, in fact, include a spaceship with the name “Bridges” on top of it. While it could be anything, like a terrestrial vehicle showcased as a spaceship, this is not part of the original Death Stranding.

Fans are seeing this vehicle as a confirmation for new content coming to the existing game or franchise. Should it be a spaceship, it could seem to be hinting at the exploration of space in a Death Stranding 2, likely hinted by the Kojima Productions introduction movie.

The intellectual property’s future is yet to be discovered, as rumors have pointed out that Sony and Kojima had some disagreements over how it had been handled, its final outcome, and commercial performance.