Deathloop’s second update adds controller remapping and NPC improvements

Some much-needed updates finally come to the game.

Deathloop pvp

Image by Arkane

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Deathloop has just gotten its second major update, which has come with a stack of new updates. The biggest changes include things like NPC behavior, quality of life changes, and updates to UI.

The behavior changes will make NPCs a lot more reactive to the things you can do to them. NPCs will be more reactive to bullets that pass close by, like missed headshots. They also react when another NPC is assassinated close by to them and can hear better and react faster to nearby footfalls. One of the criticisms of the game was how the NPCs reacted to your actions, so these changes are sure to be welcome, if possibly a bit late.

One of the big quality of life updates is the ability to remap the controller buttons, as well as left/ right stick inversion. This one in particular is huge for accessibility. Button remapping is incredibly important, as it allows all players with various needs to help them fit the game to their needs. UI buttons and text in the options menu have been made larger. And on PS5, the ability to change your field of view has been added, as well as motion-blur options.

Other updates included in the patch are changes to invasions, a variety of miscellaneous gameplay alterations, and fixed graphics and audio-related issues. Deathloop also received a number of nominations at The Game Awards, including Game of the Year, Best Narrative, and Best Art Direction.