Detroit: Become Human Hidden Tip: Main Menu Offers Surveys About Artificial Lifeforms

Detroit: Become Human releases today, and there a few things that might pass unnoticed throughout the game if you don’t pay attention. For example, something is “hidden” across the main menu of the title.

As noted by Destructoid, while playing you have the chance to return to the main menu after the game has saved and apply a quick survey, which mainly asks you about your thoughts about the artificial lifeforms as expressed by the game.

Detroit Become Human Hidden Tip

Interestingly, as it happens with other choices you take during the adventure, the game provides you with percentages that tell you how many other players have opted for the same decisions, once you have finished the survey.

So make sure you take some time, between the major scenes in the title, to return to the main menu and check these surveys out, as they change from time to time and there are different ones to look at.

Detroit: Become Human is now available for PlayStation 4.