Detroit: Become Human

  • Detroit: Become Human Sequel Not Ruled Out Yet, But It'll Be It Or DLC

    During a Reddit AMA with the fans, Quantic Dream's David Cage has discussed the chance of building a sequel to Detroit: Become Human since it has been much appreciated in terms of critics and sales. "We will work on a sequel if we feel we have ideas, passion and excitement to do it, and if we feel we have something more to say about this world," Cage told Reddit.

  • Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Night Of The Soul & Battle Of Detroit

    In the ending walkthrough of Detroit Become Human, you will read about Night Of The Soul & Battle Of Detroit. There are multiple endings like Markus Death, Kara, and Alice Boat or Crossing Border situation and Connor's objective whether he turns to a Deviant or not. Each endings changes on the basis of choices you pick.

  • Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Crossroads

    In Crossroad Chapter of Detroit Become Human Walkthrough, you can control all three leading characters Kara, Connor, and Markus one by one in a different segment to escape Jericho after it gets attacked by the police. Connor also has a choice in this part to turn into a Deviant to stay as a machine.

  • Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Last Chance Connor

    In chapter Last Chance Connor of Detroit Become Human Walkthrough, Connor will have a final option to get the location of Jericho. Connor has to examine all the Evidence in the Archive Room to get the exact location of Jericho where other Deviants are hiding before the FBI took over the investigation.

  • Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Meet Kamski And Freedom March

    In this part of Detroit Become Human Walkthrough, you will get two chapters Meet Kamski And Freedom March. In the first one Hank and Connor visit Kamski for investigating about Deviants, and in the second one, Markus has to free other androids to conduct a rally which turns into a fatal decision.

  • Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Capitol Park (All Endings)

    In Capitol Park chapter of Detroit Become Human Walkthrough, you will play as Markus who plans to free androids from Cyberlife Store. To complete the mission you will have to turn off the alarm first and then steal a truck. Next is the protest choices, you can pick from pacifist or violence. There are 6 different endings.

  • Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Midnight Train

    In Midnight Train chapter of Detroit Become Human Walkthrough, Kara, Alice and Luther are able to find a shelter. They have to cross the border, but before that Kara will have to deal with the police officer who visits her and try to search for the evidence of Deviants. There are three endings in this chapter Midnight Train.