Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reportedly has battle pass dedicated to cosmetics

The actual plot details are locked up tighter than Arkham.

Image via Rocksteady

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady Studios is one of the highly anticipated games of 2023, with players eager to take control of the team of anti-heroes on a mission to take down some of DC’s most famous faces. When fans get too keen for a game, it usually means that leaks and rumors will inevitably spread. This was the case when supposed major spoilers began circulating on Reddit and Twitter showing unexpected story details and the inclusion of Battle Pass elements in the Suicide Squad game.

Earlier today, Twitter user Rebs Gaming shared a screenshot from the game’s user interface showing a surprisingly generic menu. However, keen viewers spotted a tab at the top titled “Battle Pass,” which became the focus of the community. If the inclusion of Battle Pass and pay-to-win elements seem out of place within a Rocksteady game, that’s because they would be. Previous games from the studio, including the highly regarded Batman: Arkham games, haven’t had anything resembling them, so it would be a big departure for the studio.

Separate from the battle pass image was a supposedly leaked plot outline for the game, revealing some unexpected choices by the studio. This included killing off several characters like Lex Luthor and Aquaman, the use of a Lazarus Pit, and completely rebooting the shared universe created by Arkham Asylum, removing most of the games from canon to set up a potential Justice League title. However, there are more reasons to be skeptical of this leak than to believe it.

The original Suicide Squad leak was a post on the notoriously questionable message board 4chan before it moved on to sites like Reddit. 4chan’s historical lack of moderation and the user’s lack of sources make the post feel more like fan fiction than an actual leak. This was backed up by a former Rocksteady employee who had worked on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, saying that the developers at the studio were “laughing” at the leak rather than worried. They appear to have been discussing the plot details specifically rather than the image showing the inclusion of Battle Pass, but it throws suspicion on the entire leak.

VGC claims to have spoken to a Rocksteady developer about Battle Pass inclusion in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The unnamed employee confirms that Battle Pass will be in the game but will only be used for cosmetics rather than to level up characters faster. Whether that comes to pass is still up in the air. Even the generic nature of the menu could potentially change as the game gets closer to release.

There is a possibility that the leaks can turn out correct, but we’re taking this with a huge grain of salt. The almost absurd nature of the plot details, when compared to Rocksteady’s previous games, combined with its origin and the reaction of developers with intimate knowledge of the game, tells us that this Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leak isn’t the security breach people might be looking for.