Dr. Eggman is up to no good again as Sonic Frontiers’ Convergence Prologue concludes

Onward to new Frontiers.

Image via Sega

Sega has shared the second part of the Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence comic. The comic serves as a prequel to the upcoming Sonic Frontiers game, setting up the story that will lead directly into the game. Part 2 of the comic gives further hints about Eggman’s plans in Frontiers, showing that genius is still up to no good leading into the title.

In Part 1 of the comic, Sonic, Tails, and Amy Rose fought against a robot that they thought was Eggman. It turns out that the robot was a decoy to distract them, while the real Eggman heads out to the Starfall Islands, which will be the main setting of Frontiers. The first island Eggman lands on is Kronos Island. Eggman hopes to survey the islands and discover the long-lost technology of the Ancients. Eggman laments in the comic about how all his robots have come short of his expectations, and maybe with the secrets of the ancients, he can finally build the ultimate creation.

Sonic and his friends set out to Kronos Island to stop Eggman. The evil genius predicts that’s what Sonic will do and deploys a new, untested machine to accelerate his plans. He intends to use his machinery to bypass the Ancients’ highly sophisticated cybersecurity and find all the Ancients’ secrets. The Convergence Prologue ends with Eggman standing in front of a mysterious, technologically advanced structure, worn down by centuries of weathering.

The two-part Convergence comic set up the main setting of Frontiers, revealing to readers that the Starfall Islands are home to a lost civilization that had technology far beyond anything else seen on Earth. Eggman is set up to be the main antagonist for Frontiers, at least in the early parts of the game. Eggman claims to want to use the Ancients’ knowledge to craft the ultimate creation, but knowing Eggman, he also probably wants to use the Ancients’ secrets to conquer the world. We will learn more about Sonic Frontiers when it releases on consoles and PC on November 8.