Dragonite releasing a day early on Pokémon Unite after Twitter typo

Christmas comes early this year for Dragonite fans.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Recently, Pokémon Unite announced that Gen 1 favorite Dragonite would be released as an All-Rounder on December 20. But after a humorous typo from the MOBA’s official Twitter account created confusion among the fanbase, Dragonite’s official release date has been shifted to December 19.

On December 13, the official Pokémon Unite Twitter said in a post that Dragonite would be added to the game on “11/19 at 4:00pm PT.” Sadly, The Pokémon Company does not have the ability to re-write fans’ memories to make Dragonite retroactively debut in the game a month ago. However, a few hours after this initial post, the Unite account clarified that Dragonite will now debut on “12/19 at 4:00pm PT.”

Dragonite’s release is part of Pokémon Unite’s holiday festival, which officially kicks off on December 15. However, players can already enjoy a snowy version of Remoat Stadium in the main game, complete with seasonally appropriate wild Pokémon such as Articuno, Stantler, and Cubchoo.

As part of the game’s recent update, another new fighter, Tsareena, was added to the Pokémon Unite roster with a free license for players. Alas, Dragonite will likely not be free, but it’s possible that players may be able to complete tasks within the holiday festival event which could earn them a Dragonite license, similar to Greedent during the Halloween event.