EA investigating allegations of employees selling FIFA Football Ultimate Team content

The company has responded to allegations made on social media.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports has received a large amount of backlash in recent hours, thanks to allegations made about Electronic Arts employees directly selling Football Ultimate Team (FUT) cards for cash. Now, the company has responded and has stated what its plans are moving forward.

Early on March 10, screenshots of DMs between a FUT player and a supposed EA employee appeared on social media. The shots purport to show the Electronic Arts employee selling Icon cards, player items of football legends from the past, to the FUT user for real cash. It is illegal, per EA’s Terms of Service, to sell Ultimate Team content for money.

Per the screenshots, the individual was selling these cards, packaged in with Team of the Year (TOTY) items from anywhere between 750 and 1,000 Euros. For reference, 1,000 Euros equates to almost $1,200 USD.

The tweets received a large amount of attention, and for a good amount of time, #EAGate was trending on Twitter.

EA Sports has responded to the allegations via the EA Sports FIFA Twitter account, stating that it is aware of the screenshots that have been circulating on social media. EA, in the statement, noted that an investigation into the matter is underway, and that the company will “take swift action” should it find that any improper conduct took place.

EA concluded the statement by informing the FIFA community that it will provide an update on the matter once Electronic Arts receives more clarity on the situation.