Everyone is convinced that Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer is voicing Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Did that voice sound familiar?

Image via Nintendo

Many Critical Role fans are freaking out at the possibility of Matt Mercer, DM on the popular Dungeons & Dragons show, possibly being the voice of Ganon in the latest Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer. While no official word has been given on who the voice is yet, it is hard to hear the opening remarks of the villain at about the 30-second mark and not draw a line to the accomplished voice actor. Unfortunately, Mercer has made no indication of the role being his, although Aabria Iyengar, who has worked with him on Critical Role before, seems pretty convinced it is him. That said, even she has stated she doesn’t know for sure.

If Matthew Mercer’s voice is bringing Calamity Ganon’s forces back to life again, this will not be the first time he has played the character. In 2009, there was a fan-made internet series called There Will Be Brawl, a series dedicated to a dystopian Nintendo world filled with Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters. Of course, this isn’t an official release, but seeing the lean Mercer dressed up as Ganondorf is quite the sight.

Image via Villains Fanon

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Mercer has an extensive history of supporting fan-made content and enjoys cosplaying. As the main DM of Critical Role, he has helped many people gain interest in tabletop gaming, but he is already a very accomplished voice actor. In fact, the Ganon voice can be compared to his take on his character Thordak from the Vox Machina campaign in Critical Role.

Video games you will have heard him in include Overwatch as Cassidy, the English take on Goro Majima from the Yakuza games, and many others. He has also appeared in many anime and animated series and films. After Zelda got her first mainline game voice from Patricia Summersett in Breath of the Wild, we are excited to see what Ganon has to say in Tears of the Kingdom. Hopefully, we can find out for sure if that voice is Mercer soon.