Here’s everything new coming in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ostara Festival today

Take part in every Ostara Festival activity before they’re gone.


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The Ostara Festival is now live in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Much like the Yule Festival, this event changes Ravensthorpe for a short period of time. The festival will be live from March 18 to April 8 and adds several new activities for players to take part in.

For the duration of the Ostara Festival, Ravensthorpe will be covered in fresh flowers, bringing the season of spring to the forefront. There are decorations to be found everywhere, from each building to the streets.

Some activities have been brought back from the Yule Festival, including the Viking Brawl, Twirling Targets, and Braun’s Folly. The new activities players can take on include an Egg Hunt, in which players must hunt for eggs scattered around the settlement, The May Queen, which requires players to craft a new crown for Mayda, and Spiritual Defense, where Eivor must help protect Ravensthorpe from angered spirits.

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There is also a quest for players to decorate Ravensthorpe as part of the Ostara festivities. This helps you explore the changes that have come to the settlement and earn some tokens simultaneously.

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The festival store is back once again. Here, players can pick up some time-limited cosmetics, including a new Raven Skin that makes Synin look like a tropical bird. Every new activity in the festival will award tokens that can be spent in this store. A total of 1,000 tokens is required to purchase everything the store has to offer. You’ll need to earn a lot of tokens fast if you plan to do that.