Explore the world of Redfall with a new trailer showcasing the game’s open world

The town is going through a little bit of a crisis.

Image via Bethesda

Arkane has put out the latest trailer showing off Redfall’s world and has definitely gone deeper into showing how everything is not as it seems when you view the town during the day. What starts out as a look at the simple, small-town environment before the sun was blocked out quickly turns into a vampire and cult-infested swamp filled with danger.

The trailer starts with sweeping shots of various locations in Redfall, the small town located in Massachusetts, accompanied by what are presumably NPC characters discussing their situation of how the vampires attacked the hospitals first before spreading to everywhere else. We also got some interesting looks at the odd dream-like areas where Vampire Nests were formerly shown. The comparison between these impossible structures and what they look like on the normal map show there are direct connections between these two planes of existence. For example, a dollhouse shown in a girl’s bedroom opens up and is explorable in one of these dungeon levels.

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These seemingly generated areas are probably the spots in the game that have us most intrigued about the upcoming cooperative shooter. If these places can continually provide something new to see and fight through by misconfiguring the world you already know, that could go a long way to adding more fun into the mix.

Outside of the environmental looks, this trailer provides more of the gameplay we have already seen in previous showings of Redfall. As you likely know by now, when the game releases, you will have access to various hero characters with different special abilities to help you and your team complete missions against various cultists and special vampire enemies. Skill trees will expand those abilities as you find the traditional loot weapons you see in so many games today, giving the players the variety they crave.