Fallout Fans Drool Over Stellar Fan-Made Starfield Pip-Boy

Fallout fans are going nuts over this Pip-boy that is designed after Starfield in honor or its launch coming soon.

Image via Bethesda

Starfield has so many gamers on the edge of their seats as its release date gets closer and closer, and players are ready to blast off into outer space. This game has many other fandoms excited as well, including the fans of Fallout. Starfield is a sci-fi game that boasts a massive open world, or should we say open galaxy. In contrast, Bethesda’s Fallout is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game with a singular yet incredibly dense map.

Fallout introduced a neat little gadget called a Pip-Boy, which is basically a computer you wear on your writst. It is a fictional item that characters in Fallout use as a storage device or stat tracker, and it boasts different features depending on the version. One of the latest ones we have seen contains a map, a tracker for the quest, a radio system, and a light – pretty sweet, huh? The fans of Fallout are definitely hyped as a Starfield-themed Pip-Boy has been shown on social media.

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The Starfield-Craze Continues Ahead Of Launch

A stunning fan-made Starfield version of Fallout’s Pip-Boy was recently posted to Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram by artist Mrs.Fallout. A lot like the Xbox Starfield controller and headset, the Pip-Boy is painted to look like a piece of Constellation gear, with the iconic 4-tone stripe and matte white body. Suffice to say, it’s incredible.

And this beautiful work of art has only added more fuel to the fire that is Starfield hype. Players continue to share their early thoughts on how they felt regarding Starfield, and after this cool contraption was shared, players ogled over the game once more. One user on Twitter tweeted as far as to say that “Starfield doesn’t want to set the world on fire….even though it will.” We don’t know what regard this comment was made in, but Sterfield just might set the world on fire…in a good way, especially if it lives up to the fanbase that is already supporting it.

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It hasn’t been confirmed if any Fallout easter eggs or franchises will be made in Starfield. Still, we can already rest assured knowing Starfield is right around the corner, and there are many official and unofficial pieces of merch going around like this Pip-boy for the game today.