Starfield Fans Hope for Specific Fallout Easter Eggs

Starfield has players wondering if they will see some Easter Eggs from other Bethesda games.


Screenshot via AMD

Starfield is bringing a ton of excitement from its many teasers and gameplay showcases, with fans even going as far as comparing it to a GTA-type world but in space. With this much enthusiasm brewing, Starfield is likely to catch the attention of many players once it releases worldwide in just a few weeks. Players are already wondering if some Easter eggs from other games might find their way into Starfield to surprise other communities.

The Fallout series is a fan favorite for many that love sci-fi style video games, and also happens to be another one of Bethesda Game Studios’ titles. With both games being closely kin, it has players wondering if some crossover Easter Eggs might pop up for fans to check.

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Fans Wonder if Fallout Alien Could Appear in Starfield

A Reddit user made a post featuring one of the aliens from Fallout, saying how they hope players will be able to visit the home planet where he lives in the Starfield game. While the developers did promise the game to have many different planets and a whole galaxy to explore, it is uncertain if there will be variants of other worlds from Bethesda in the game.

One player went on to say, “I don’t think it would fit with the world they’re building in Starfield,” and that having some Fallout elements in it wouldn’t match, while other players argued that it could insert nicely into the world. Another excited fan dropped the idea of a Mothership Zeta Easter Egg and feels strongly that Bethesda will pay homage to their other past games.

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While many expect there will be crossover easter eggs within Starfield, there isn’t anything confirmed yet indicating it one way or the other. We’re likely to find out more next month when Starfield releases on September 6.