Fan Waits For 7 Hours To Ask Post Malone Important Starfield Question

The chart topping artist even has a rig ready so he can game on tour.

Starfield moon space station

Image via Bethesda Softworks

Fans everywhere are getting hyped for Bethesda’s latest release, Starfield, and it’s only a few weeks until it’s finally in players’ hands. One of those eager happens to be the multi-platinum seller artist Post Malone, who after meeting a fan during a recent concert, gave an enthusiastic response to whether they would be playing the upcoming space adventure.

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Turns Out Post Malone Is Just as Excited to Play as Everyone Else

Screenshot via AMD

The question comes from an X (or Twitter as most people call it still) user named @Katelynnpwnz, who recently attended one of Post’s shows. In their tweet, they stated that they waited for seven hours in the 105-degree heat, seemingly to get a chance to meet Post, and asked him if he would be playing Starfield, the newest game coming from Bethesda.

In typical wholesome fashion, Post answered with resounding enthusiasm, “F*ck ye, I’m going to play the s*it out of Starfield.”

He then says that despite being on tour, he has a “nice cool little rig” he can use to jump in when the game launches next month. He then thanks the fan and continues being polite and friendly with his fans, as expected.

Post Malone doesn’t shy away from his love of gaming, having previously said during his first Hot Ones appearance that Skyrim was his favorite game. He also more recently made gaming news after purchasing the 1 of 1 One Ring Magic: The Gathering card for over $2 million and has been an avid gamer most of his life. In truth, those who are fans of Post Malone won’t be surprised since he has never had an issue speaking on his love of gaming, but it’s just another example of the reach that video games can have. It’s also likely a nice boost for the developer, who has made great efforts to build hype for the release, with a recent sponsored video with Adam Savage and releasing a timeline of the world, to name a few.

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Post and other eager fans also don’t need to wait much longer for Starfield, as the game is set to release September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X/S and September 1st for those with the premium edition five-day early access.