Starfield Timeline Reveals When Humans Went To Space & Events Leading To Present

Players can get the low down on the events leading up to Bethesda’s space epic.

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Bethesda’s newest space epic is nearly here after many years of waiting, and naturally, players are getting pretty hyped. Like most Bethesda titles, there will be a ton of lore and backstory for players to find and discover in their adventures, and the developers have given players their first glimpse at the history of this brave new universe.

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The Extensive Timeline Show’s Humanities Journey to the Stars in Bethesda’s Upcoming Space Epic

Screenshot via AMD

Available to peruse on the Starfield website, the timeline shows the history of humanity’s journey into space, including many key events and moments leading up to the game’s setting. It begins with humanity taking its first steps on Mars in 2050, before eventually making its way to our neighboring galaxy Alpha Centauri in 2156, and only a few years later establishing the United Colonies, one of the factions players will deal with in their adventures.

From there, the timeline continues with multiple vital events, including the founding of New Atlantis, a couple of wars between different factions, including the Freestar Collective, the discovery of alien artifacts, and multiple key characters joining and forming Constellation, one of the main factions players will interact with in Starfield.

Image via Bethesda

Additionally, we get some information on characters players can expect to meet in the game, like Sarah Morgan, Same Coe, and Vladimir Sall, as well as some details on the few years leading up to the game setting, including how the United Colonies gets whooped in a war thanks to the Freestar Collective, and the creation of “The Eye”, as deep space scanner we can expect to see during the game at some point. It’s rather lengthy, so if you are interested in the history and lore of Starfield, we recommend giving it a look to get the full details.

Bethesda doesn’t shy away from packing their games with lore and history, and Starfield looks to be no different. Even the snippet we have been shown has a lot of depth and details on the world, and we can imagine the full release will have plenty more to find and read, listen to, or discover during your adventures.

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Players will also not need to wait until they can discover the rest of Starfield’s universe, as the game is set to release on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to jump in early, grab the premium edition and get five days of early access.