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Fans anticipate Season of Mastery 2 in World of Warcraft Classic after new realms appear

Second time's the charm.

World of Warcraft Classic vanilla servers have had a bit of an awkward existence since the game moved on to different expansions in the game’s long history. Blizzard recognizes that there are still quite a few fans that wish to live infinitely in the classic setting, but they have struggled to find how to manage it appropriately. The developer has been silent on on what to do with the servers since Season of Mastery ended, but it looks like they are preparing to make a second go of it, as new servers have just popped up in the game.

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Two new Season of Mastery servers have been added to the server list and are detailed with a coming soon message. This could very well indicate that Blizzard is prepping to introduce a second Season of Mastery in the near future. It would be smart to keep this path going, as players will likely start to bail on vanilla servers if no clear track is set for the game’s future.

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Season of Mastery was World of Warcraft Classic’s first attempt to breathe new life into the vanilla servers by modernizing certain outdated aspects, and the attempt ended back in February. Blizzard closed all Season of Mastery servers and required players to transfer their characters to other realms. Players have wondered if there would be a continuing stream of new Seasons of Mastery with novel changes and additions to keep it fresh, but until now there was absolutely zero indication about the future of the servers.

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Season of Mastery is a good concept that just needs iteration for its niche fans. Changing parts of the game that are considered mundane or useless help keep it from becoming stale, and the world of Azeroth remains a refuge for many as a nostalgic trip into their gaming past.

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