Fans Bemoan Alan Wake 2 Oh Deer Diner Thermos Announcement Over Lack of a Physical Game

Remedy Entertainment shared news of a collectible, Oh Deer Diner Thermos, for Alan Wake 2, but fans want a physical copy of the game.


Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 developer Remedy Entertainment announced a new collectible that fans of the series can get their hands on soon, the Oh Deer Diner Thermos. While the thermos itself seems well made and is the result of a partnership between two prominent Finnish companies, Remedy and Airam, all fans can see is a physical collector’s item for a game that has no physical version.

Fans have taken to comments sections wherever they can find the Oh Deer Diner Thermos announcement to express their confusion and disappointment. They’ve already been very vocal about how much they want a physical version of Alan Wake II, which Remedy says won’t be released to keep costs to consumers down, and are confused about how a physical product can be justified but not a disc version of the game.

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Alan Wake 2 is Getting a Collectible Coffee Thermos Despite a Physical Version Being Too Expensive to Produce

Shortly after Alan Wake 2 was shown at the recent PlayStation Showcase event, Remedy published a huge FAQ to help answer fans’ queries. Among the details was that Alan Wake 2 will be a digital-only game, a decision that Remedy made to keep the cost down for consumers at the older price of $60 instead of the $70 more and more companies are charging.

However, today’s announcement of the Oh Deer Diner Thermos, created in collaboration with Airam, a Finnish lighting company, has caused fans to revisit the lack of a physical version of Alan Wake 2. While the partnership details are unknown, fans are making their thoughts quite clear on social media. One user stated, “See, you can make physical things. Now apply this to the making of a physical version of Alan Wake II”. Another added, “So you made a physical Oh Deer thermos, but you can’t make a physical Edition of Alan Wake 2? Speaking of Priorities”.

Alan Wake is a beloved franchise, and for every two comments moaning about the juxtaposition of keeping costs down with a digital-only release while simultaneously selling a collector’s coffee thermos, there’s one expressing gratitude and joy to Remedy about this product. Coffee thermoses were one of the main collectibles in the original Alan Wake, and this release hits that note of nostalgia for hardcore fans.

blog post on Remedy’s website details the Oh Deer Diner Thermos for Alan Wake 2 and how the company is thrilled to work with Airam. The product will be available in September 2023, about one month before the game’s release. It’s being called a limited edition item, so Alan Wake fans will need to be on their toes if they want to snag one when pre-orders open up.