Fans Gush Over the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event

Fans can’t wait to start collecting as much Gil as possible in the upcoming Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover event.

fans loving buster sword apex legends final fantasy 7 rebirth event

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2024, looking to be a stunning follow up to the first PS4 remake entry. However, just before its release, Apex Legends is hosting a crossover event, and fans are losing their minds over it.

Apex Legends has had all sorts of events in the past. From heirloom opportunities to new game modes featuring celebrities such as Post Malone, it’s had a plethora of interesting and engaging offerings for players to get stuck into. The Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event is different, though, and that can already be seen in the way fans of both games are almost salivating over today’s recent trailer for the crossover.

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Fans Can Barely Contain Their Excitement for the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event

Today, after teasing the event a week or so ago, Respawn Entertainment released the first official trailer for the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event. It shows off every crossover outfit players can unlock for their favorite Legends, a new gameplay twist involving Materia, and even the Buster Sword.

The Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event will function like any other Apex Legends event. There will be an in-game store for players to purchase event cosmetics by using Gil, a time-limited currency that can only be earned by completing event challenges. In addition to a few Twitch Drops, there’s plenty of new Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth content to get stuck into.

Despite this crossover only being an event in Apex Legends and not an official Final Fantasy entry, fans of both universes can’t wait to jump in. Players can’t help but gawk at the new outfits that will soon be available for them to buy or unlock, and it’s getting them even more excited for the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

The overall reaction from fans has been quite wholesome, with many Final Fantasy 7 fans who have moved onto Apex Legends seeing this as a return to their best gaming memories. “Broooooo!!! Ahhhh!! I’m honestly SO hyped for this! This looks so cool haha! As a lifelong Final Fantasy fan and 7 being my first over 20 years ago, it’s all just come full circle.”

The event has undoubtedly benefitted from the fact that Apex Legends now has cross-progression across all platforms. Players can jump into the event on their Switch or PC and enjoy the cosmetics they earn and the progress they make across both, ensuring they get to use the incredible Cloud skin on Crypto in every match.