Apex Legends’ Three Strikes Mode Redefines Early-Game Dynamics, with Post Malone in the Mix

Post Malone has partnered with Respawn Entertainment for a two-week Three Strikes event and exclusive cosmetics.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Post Malone and Respawn Entertainment have announced a collaboration for a time-limited event in Apex Legends called Three Strikes. The event features a new game mode and exclusive cosmetics with designs inspired by Post Malone’s tour outfits.

Post Malone is no stranger to video game partnerships, having worked with The Pokemon Company in the past and never shying away from a chance to show his love for video games or TCGs like Magic: The Gathering. The chart-topping artist has now partnered with Apex Legends for two weeks of mayhem in a brand new, casual-friendly game mode, including event cosmetics he’s been involved in designing.

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Post Malone X Apex Legends Three Strikes Event Gives Players More Chances to Win

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Post Malone and Respawn Entertainment announced Three Strikes, a new game mode and event in Apex Legends. The mode is inspired by the idea that so many players die early in matches in Apex Legends or get carried through for their wins.

Three Strikes goes live on November 7, 2023, and will run for two weeks. Both weekends that the event is live, there will be 1.5X XP boosts available. Players can check out the official blog post for all the details so they know what’s happening as soon as the event starts.

In a pre-release event for Season 19, we saw the artist explain the idea in a promotional video. He loves Apex Legends but struggles as much as we do sometimes to reach the final ring. That’s where Three Strikes can help players shine, though.

In Three Strikes, teams can revive each other faster and have invincibility when downed. This forces enemies to pursue players even after knocking them to the floor. Every team can also respawn twice, bringing most of their equipment with them. The mode changes the dynamic of Apex Legends and will not only make for longer matches, but those matches will be far more frantic due to the ruleset twist.

The biggest draw of the Three Strikes event is the time-limited cosmetics. Post Malone’s tour wardrobe inspires these outfits, which can be purchased using Camo Credits. These are earned by completing Three Strikes challenges and can be spent on any available items from the event’s offerings. Players who pick up 20 event-themes stickers get three legendary stickers as a reward, giving them ample incentive to play.

There are also event-exclusive cosmetics that players will have to purchase if they want a complete collection. A lot of care and attention to detail has been put into these between the Apex Legends team and Post Malone to ensure they’re something players want to see on their favorite Legend for years to come.