FF7 Ever Crisis Is Coming To Steam (Where It Should Always Have Been)

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is coming to PC via Steam, where it really should have been at launch.

Image Via. Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will reach a much wider audience than it has now, as the game is coming to Steam in the future, with full cross-save support for the existing mobile versions. There’s a bigger audience on PC because that’s where the established Final Fantasy audience is, along with consoles, and not on mobile phones.

Ever Crisis is currently available on Android and iOS devices, which should give it access to a massive audience. The problem is that the game has already received a bad rap for its overabundance of gacha mechanics. While it has received a large initial download base, that doesn’t necessarily mean the game is successful due to its off-putting monetary system.

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Ever Crisis Is Coming To Steam In The Future

The people who want to experience the new iteration of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII won’t be restricted to mobile devices for much longer. Square Enix has announced that Ever Crisis is currently being developed for Steam, with cross-save functionality for people already playing it. There is currently no release window for the Steam release.

Hopefully, the Steam version will help Ever Crisis avoid the same problems that The First Soldier faced. Most of the Final Fantasy audience is on PC and consoles, not smart devices. Square Enix has had a mixed record regarding the survivability of its mobile games, with The First Soldier barely lasting a year before it was dropped.

Ever Crisis is intended for the diehard fans of FF7 and FF7 Remake, with tons of fanservice and lore deep dives, yet those games were successful on PC and consoles. Square Enix should have made the game available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch to allow the people most interested in this aspect of the franchise to experience Ever Crisis’ new content.

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It’s a shame that Ever Crisis wasn’t available on PC at launch, but at least it’s on the way. Many of the Ever Crisis YouTube videos are filled with comments from fans asking for a PC port, as they either don’t want to play on mobile devices or their phone cannot run the game. Hopefully, this will give Ever Crisis a much bigger audience than it has now and allow it to survive much longer than The First Soldier did.